Excelsior Global primarily sources and supplies authentic, branded, rare, hard to find, discontinued and the latest health and beauty products at great prices to the end user and multi-buy customers including eBay and Amazon sellers in the UK and Internationally.  The composition of brands we offer is ever changing – Max Factor, Maybelline, Rimmel, Too Faced and Urban Decay are just a few.  We also sell gifts, gadgets, toys, games, household and DIY items and more from time to time.

The business began entirely by accident, funny story actually.  We’d bought some Christmas presents for friends & family, and proceeded to test some of the items, one of them was a cool magnetic globe, where the globe floated – but a slight incorrect placement of the globe and it ended up not floating but hitting the magnetised bits on either side and gave whoever was trying to get it to float an almighty fright!

So, we decided to return them (we had two), but before we did, we randomly thought “shall we just try to sell them on ebay?  If they don’t go we can still return them”.  We sold them, bought LOTS more while they were discounted from our supplier, we sold them too, whilst selling those, we stumbled into some cosmetics job lots, tried them, sold them, repeated that process.  Within a month it lead us to open an ebay shop.

The trading name of the eBay shop, Amazon store, and our website came about from two things.  Excelsior Global is a trading name of The Excelsior Organisation Ltd – so it’s obvious where the Excelsior came from, and if you hadn’t have guessed already, the Global comes from what started it off, the magnetic globes which were meant to be returned (coupled with the fact that we ship globally).  Funny how things work out.

Excelsior Global is a small family run business, even our young child likes “helping” out.  So if you see the odd “perfectly” positioned address label, parcel tape or envelope seal, it was the little one’s doing.  We aim to provide the best service that we can possibly provide, every small detail is important to us.  We quite literally put ourselves in our customer’s shoes/mind.

We are always looking for customer input, if there are products that you would like us to source, then please contact us, whether it is discontinued, clearance, hard to find, limited edition or simply that you’ve not been able to get any at the right price, we will try to find it, just let us know.